Universal Intelligence - Use in Chiropractic Philosophy

Use in Chiropractic Philosophy

The term "Universal Intelligence" is used as a starting point in chiropractic philosophy. In order to establish the existence of a Universal Intelligence, inductive reasoning is used, while the rest of chiropractic philosophy is deductive in nature. This concept is based upon the idea that organization bespeaks an intelligence, and thus, the order and organization of atoms, which are universal, bespeaks an intelligence of the universe.

The concept of Universal Intelligence was first expounded upon by D. D. Palmer in his 1910 book, "The Chiropractor's Adjuster":

"As the Intelligent Energy that operates the human machine is derived from an Infinite Source, the Universal Intelligence, and is, therefore, limited only by the capacity of the brain to transform and individualize it, it is evident that any excess, deficiency or irregularity of action, either of which is a form of disease, must be due to some mechanical obstruction which prevents its normal transmission."

The first principle of chiropractic philosophy is called the Major Premise:

"A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence."

R. W. Stephenson, D.C., Ph. C., was the first to put chiropractic philosophy into a systematic and organized manner, which appeared in his 1927 publication, "Chiropractic Textbook:"

"Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all the properties and actions. The expression of this intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life; therefore life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter. Force unites intelligence and matter. Universal Intelligence gives force to both inorganic and organic matter. That force which Universal Intelligence gives to organic matter as a higher order of its manifestations, is called Innate Intelligence."

B. J. Palmer wrote extensively on chiropractic and mentions Universal Intelligence numerous times:

"Education, so far as health problems and religious theories are concerned, works from outside in; from below upward. Universal intelligence and Innate intelligence work from above downward, within outward." vol 22
"Behind the Universe is a Universal Intelligence which has directed its functions in millions of ways for millions of years. It follows a definite pattern which never varies, each to its kind and form." vol 22 "THE BIGNESS OF THE FELLOW WITHIN", By B. J. PALMER, D.C., Ph. C., COPYRIGHT, 1949, BY B. J. PALMER
"We assume you have read our writings and know whereof WE speak. If you can imagine the derision, contempt, scoffing he presents in trying to make it appear that we are establishing an unfounded, ungrounded, fantastical religious “cult”, then you know what we are opposing. No where in any of my writings will you find anything taking on any appearance of a religion, other than to acknowledge as fundamental a Universal Intelligence, call it God if one must, which is personified in man as a Unital Innate Intelligence; one of which is all intelligence, all powerful sufficient for the Universe, the other of which is all intelligent and all powerful sufficient unto the unit, be that unit man or animal, insect or tree, etc., as exemplified in any, every, and all LIVING objects." vol 26, "CONFLICTS CLARIFY" By B. J. PALMER, D.C., Ph. C. President, the Palmer School of Chiropractic, COPYRIGHT 1951, BY B. J. PALMER
"Why title IT “UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE?” Because man, with his limited horizon, suggests IT possesses knowledge, understanding, ideas, ideals, discrimination between life and death, normal and abnormal, right and wrong, good and bad, constructive and destructive values of materials; adapts itself to conditions to preserve its integrity in all living products it creates and sustains. That IT IS “universal” is an all-inclusive term of time, abilities, materials, beyond human scope. IT is that intangible SOURCE from which spring all things superior TO mortal man, IN man, TO which all men aspire, revere and seek to comprehend its unlimited possibilities and responsibilities."

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