United States District Court For The District of New Jersey - Current Judges

Current Judges

Jerome B. Simandle is the Chief Judge of the Court. The Clerk of the Court is William T. Walsh.

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
64 Chief Judge Jerome B. Simandle Camden 1949 1992–present 2012-present G.H.W. Bush
69 District Judge Faith S. Hochberg Newark 1950 1999–present Clinton
70 District Judge Joel A. Pisano Trenton 1949 2000–present Clinton
71 District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh Newark 1947 2000–present Clinton
72 District Judge William J. Martini Newark 1947 2002–present G.W. Bush
73 District Judge Jose L. Linares Newark 1953 2002–present G.W. Bush
74 District Judge Stanley R. Chesler Newark 1947 2002–present G.W. Bush
75 District Judge Robert B. Kugler Camden 1950 2002–present G.W. Bush
76 District Judge Freda L. Wolfson Trenton 1954 2002–present G.W. Bush
77 District Judge Renee Marie Bumb Camden 1960 2006–present G.W. Bush
78 District Judge Noel Lawrence Hillman Camden 1956 2006–present G.W. Bush
79 District Judge Peter G. Sheridan Trenton 1950 2006–present G.W. Bush
80 District Judge Susan Davis Wigenton Newark 1962 2006–present G.W. Bush
81 District Judge Claire C. Cecchi Newark 1964 2011–present Obama
82 District Judge Esther Salas Newark 1968 2011–present Obama
83 District Judge Kevin McNulty Newark 1954 2012–present Obama
84 District Judge Michael A. Shipp Newark 1965 2012–present Obama
47 Senior District Judge Stanley Seymour Brotman Camden 1924 1975–1990 (none) 1990–present Ford
49 Senior District Judge Dickinson Richards Debevoise Newark 1924 1979–1994 (none) 1994–present Carter
51 Senior District Judge Anne Elise Thompson Trenton 1934 1979–2001 1994–2001 2001–present Carter
54 Senior District Judge Joseph H. Rodriguez Camden 1930 1985–1998 (none) 1998–present Reagan
62 Senior District Judge Mary Little Cooper Trenton 1946 1992–2011 (none) 2011-present G.H.W. Bush
63 Senior District Judge Joseph Eron Irenas Camden 1940 1992–2002 (none) 2002–present G.H.W. Bush
65 Senior District Judge William H. Walls Newark 1932 1994–2005 (none) 2005–present Clinton
68 Senior District Judge Katharine Sweeney Hayden Newark 1942 1997–2010 (none) 2010–present Clinton

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