Unison (Celine Dion Album) - Production and Personnel

Production and Personnel

  • Tracks 1-4 Produced By Christopher Neil. Engineered & Mixed By Simon Hurrell at West Side Studios, (London).
    • Paul Bliss: Drum & Keyboard Programming, Vocal Backing; Phil Palmer: Guitars; Paul "Wix" Wickens: Bass & Keyboards (track 3 only); Andy Duncan: Drums & Percussion (track 3 only); Steve Piggott: Keyboards, Bass & Drums on track 4; Christopher Neil, Celine Dion, Alan Carvell, Linda Taylor: Vocal Backing
  • Tracks 5 & 8 Arranged & Produced By David Foster. Track 5 Arranged By David Foster & Tom Keane; Track 8 Arranged By Tom Keane. Engineered By Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff at Chartmaker Studios; assisted by Dave Reitzas. Mixed By Keith Cohen at Larrabee Studios; assisted by Andy Batwinas.
    • David Foster: Keyboards; Tom Keane: Keyboards & Synthesizer Programming; Michael Landau: Guitars; Randy Jackson: Bass on track 5.
  • Tracks 6, 9 & 10 Produced By David Foster. Track 6 Arranged By David Foster & Clif Magness. Track 9 Arranged By David Foster, Randy Kerber & Tom Keane. Track 10 Arranged By David Foster & Aldo Nova. Tracks 6 & 9 Engineered By Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff; assisted by Dave Reitzas. Track 10 Engineered By Humberto Gatica & Jeffrey Woodruff. Track 6 Mixed By Keith Cohen. Tracks 9 & 10 Mixed By Humberto Gatica; assisted by Laura Livingstone.
    • David Foster, Robbie Buchanan: Keyboards; Randy Kerber, Clif Magness: Keyboards, Synthesizer Programming; Michael Boddicker, Rick Bowen: Synthesizer Programming; Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Landau: Guitars (Jackson on track 6 only); John Barnes: Synclavier & Vocoder on track 6; Jeff Porcaro: Drums & Percussion on track 10
  • Track 7 Arranged & Produced By Andy Goldmark. Engineered By Dave Dachinger, Mike Brooks & Jack Rouben. Mixed By Bob Ross At Science Lab.
    • Andy Goldmark: Drum Programming, Synth Bass, Keyboards; John Barnes: Keyboards; Fran Manzella & Dave Dachinger: Additional Programming; Paul Pesco & Charles Fearing: Guitars; Freddie "Ready Freddie" Washington: Electric Bass; Fonzi Thornton: Oral Percussion

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