Union For The Nation (Democratic Republic of The Congo) - Member Parties

Member Parties

  • Movement for the Liberation of the Congo
  • Union for the Congo's Reconstruction, led by Dr. Oscar Kashala
Political parties in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Major parliamentary parties
  • Alliance of the Presidential Majority
    • People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy
    • Movement for the Liberation of Congo
    • Unified Lumumbist Party
    • Social Movement for Renewal
    • Forces for Renewal
    • Congolese Rally for Democracy
    • Coalition of Congolese Democrats
    • Convention of Christian Democrats
    • Union of Mobutuist Democrats
    • Camp of the Fatherland
    • Federalist Christian Democracy – Convention of Federalists for Christian Democracy
    • Christian Democrat Party
    • Union of Federalist Nationalists of Congo
  • Union for the Nation
    • Movement for the Liberation of Congo
    • Union for Congo's Reconstruction
    • Rally of Congolese Democrats and Nationalists
    • Convention for the Republic and Democracy
Major boycotting party
  • Union for Democracy and Social Progress
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  • List of political parties
  • Politics of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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