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My Favorite Martian - In Popular Culture
... TV series that he is playing the role of Uncle Martin, still on Earth ... Hobbies released a plastic model kit of Uncle Martin's space ship in 2011, under Chertok Television's World wide Licensing manager Peter Greenwood ... Factory Entertainment is producing a bobble head Uncle Martin statue and space ship for release in 2012 ...
My Favorite Martian - Episode List - Season Two
... To Make Ready" 1964.10.11 41 "Nothing But The Truth" 1964.10.18 42 "Dial M for Martin" 1964.10.25 43 "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!" 1964.11.01 44 "My Uncle the Folk ... Magnetic Personality and Who Needs It" 1965.03.21 63 "We Love You, Miss Pringle" 1965.03.28 64 "Uncle Baby" 1965.04.04 65 "Once Upon a Martian Mother's Day. 73 "El SeƱor from Mars" 1965.06.21 74 "Time Out for Martin" 1965.06.20 75 "Portrait in Brown" 1965.06.27 ...

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    Ijustwantto, like, dance. I just want to like, you know, put on some Shirelles. I just, I want to be black.
    Paul D. Zimmerman, U.S. screenwriter, and Martin Scorsese. Masha (Sandra Bernhard)

    If Uncle Sam should ever sell that tract for one cent per acre, he will swindle the purchaser outrageously.
    State of Utah, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)