Unadilla River - Alternate Names and Spellings

Alternate Names and Spellings

Unadilla has had various spellings and alternate names, particularly in the 18th century:

  • Che-on-a-dill-ha: Oneida dialect
  • Teyonadelhouogh: Gideon Hawley, Journey to Broome County, Oquaga (Onaheghgwage), 1753
  • Tiona-derha: Guy Johnson's 1768 map
  • Tienaderha: Guy Johnson's 1771 map and Southeir's 1779 map
  • Tianaderaha: Surveyor-General, Simeon De Witt's map c.1790
  • Tianaderha: Fort Stanwix Treaty of 1768
  • Tunadilla: Common spelling 18th century correspondence
  • Susquehannock: Vaughan's 18th century Chorographical Map

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