Ultraman Nexus - Cast


  • Kazuki Komon - Takuji Kawakubo
  • Jun Himeya - Yusuke Kirishima
  • Ren Senjyu - Masato Uchiyama
  • Nagi Saijyo - Yasue Sato
  • Eisuke Wakura - Tamotsu Ishibashi
  • Mitsuhiko Ishibori - Kousei Kato
  • Shiori Hiraki - Keiko Goto
  • Yu Kirasawa - Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Riko Saida - Shion Nakamaru
  • Shinya Mizorogi - Mitsutoshi Shundo
  • Mizuo Nonomiya - Tomomi Miyashita
  • Youichiruu Matsunaga - Horiuchi Masami
  • Jinzou Negoro - Hiroshi Okouchi
  • Saya Shutou - Hitomi Hidaka
  • Hayato Kaimoto - Hisataka Kitaoka
  • Hiroyuki Misawa - Yoshito Takeuchi
  • Tougou - Kenji Sahara

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