Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army

Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army (Ukrainian: Українська народно-революційна армія; also Polissian Sich (Ukrainian: Поліська Січ) or the Ukrainian Insurgent Army) was a paramilitary formation of Ukrainian nationalists, nominally proclaimed in Olevsk region in December 1941 by Taras Bulba-Borovets by renaming an existing military unit known from July 1941 as the UPA-Polissian Sich (Poliska sich). It was a warlord-type military formation without a strict central command. From spring 1942 until the autumn of 1943 it acted against the German rural civil administration and warehouses, from spring 1943 it also fought against Soviet Partisans and some units against Poles; from July–August 1943 it clashed with OUN-B Bandera’s UPA and SB units.

To distinguish itself from Stepan Bandera's Ukrainian Insurgent Army, on July 20, 1943 it was renamed the Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army. However, among the local population and Soviet partisans members of Bulba’s formation always known as “bulbovtsy”.

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