UFC 2 - UFC 2 Bracket

UFC 2 Bracket

Opening Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Scott Morris SUB
Sean Daugherty 0:20
Scott Morris 0:30
Patrick Smith KO
Patrick Smith SUB
Ray Wizard 0:58
Patrick Smith SUB
Johnny Rhodes 1:07
Johnny Rhodes SUB
David Levicki 12:13
Johnny Rhodes SUB
Fred Ettish 1 3:07
Frank Hamaker TKO
Thaddeus Luster 4:52
Patrick Smith 1:17
Royce Gracie SUB
Orlando Welt TKO
Robert Lucarelli 2:50
Orlando Welt 1:29
Remco Pardoel KO
Remco Pardoel SUB
Alberto Cerra Leon 9:51
Remco Pardoel 1:13
Royce Gracie SUB
Jason Delucia SUB
Scott Baker 6:41
Jason Delucia 1:07
Royce Gracie SUB
Royce Gracie SUB
Minoki Ichihara 5:08

1 Frank Hamaker was forced to withdraw due to injury. He was replaced by Fred Ettish.

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