Ueno (上野 upper-field) can refer to a number of places in Japan:

  • Ueno, Mie: a former city in Mie Prefecture, now part of the city of Iga
  • Ueno, Gunma: a village in Gunma Prefecture:
  • Ueno, Okinawa: a village in Okinawa Prefecture:
  • Ueno, Tokyo: a neighborhood in Taito, Tokyo, as well as a famous park therein
  • Ueno station: the main northbound railway station in Tokyo.

Ueno is also a Japanese family name, as in:

  • Ueno Hikoma, a 19th century Japanese photographer
  • Ueno Chizuko, a noted Japanese feminist sociologist, currently a sociology professor at the University of Tokyo
  • Hidesamurō Ueno (1871-1925), Japanese agricultural scientist
  • Juri Ueno (born 1986), Japanese actress
  • Kenichiro Ueno (born 1965), Japanese politician
  • Kōji Ueno (born 1960), Japanese composer and musician
  • Rie Ueno (born 1976), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Shingo Ueno (born 1973), Japanese ski jumper
  • Yoichi Ueno (1883-1957), Japanese business theorist
  • Yoko Ueno (born 1963), Japanese recording artist
  • Yoshiharu Ueno (born 1973), Japanese footballer
  • Yukiko Ueno, Japanese softball pitcher

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