Uchi-soto - Foreigners in Relation To The Uchi-Soto System

Foreigners in Relation To The Uchi-Soto System

Visitors and tourists are universally soto. As a "soto" group, they are treated with respect by the Japanese community.

"Soto" people (ex. foreigners, ethnic minorities) wishing to become "uchi" (i.e. Japanese citizens) face many obstacles.

Theoretically, it is possible for a foreigner to become a part of Japanese society. However, in reality it is very difficult for non-Japanese to be accepted as an "uchi" member of Japanese society. In following Japanese customs of collectivism, deciding individually to become a part of a certain group does not mean that one actually is a part of that group. Naturalization does not guarantee inclusion in Japanese society; one must win the consent of the society at large.

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