Tychonoff Space

Tychonoff Space

In topology and related branches of mathematics, Tychonoff spaces and completely regular spaces are kinds of topological spaces. These conditions are examples of separation axioms.

Tychonoff spaces are named after Andrey Nikolayevich Tychonoff, whose Russian name (Тихонов) is variously rendered as "Tychonov", "Tikhonov", "Tihonov", "Tichonov" etc.

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... An embedding of a topological space X as a dense subset of a compact space is called a compactification of X ... It is often useful to embed topological spaces in compact spaces, because of the special properties compact spaces have ... Embeddings into compact Hausdorff spaces may be of particular interest ...
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... exactly the condition necessary for the existence of uniform structures on a topological space ... In other words, every uniform space has a completely regular topology and every completely regular space X is uniformizable ... A topological space admits a separated uniform structure if and only if it is Tychonoff ...
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... T0 A space is T0 (or Kolmogorov) if for every pair of distinct points x and y in the space, either there is an open set containing x but not y, or there is an open set containing y but not x ... T1 A space is T1 (or Fréchet or accessible) if for every pair of distinct points x and y in the space, there is an open set containing x but not y ... will be contained in the open set.) Equivalently, a space is T1 if all its singletons are closed ...

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