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  • In the final season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, in the episode "The Strike", Jerry dates a woman whom George nicknames "Two-Face" after Jerry comments that she appears attractive in some settings and ugly in others. Jerry asks George: "Like the Batman villain?" An annoyed George responds: "If that helps you."
  • Two-Face appears in the Robot Chicken episode "The Ramblings of Maurice" voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. When Batman confronts Two-Face in a hot chocolate factory, Two-Face flips his coin to determine if he should kill Batman or not. The coin lands on the scarred side and he fights Batman until he ends up going face first into the side of a hot chocolate vat. When Batman visits Two-Face in the hospital, Two-Face now calls himself Three-Face due to the damage to his scarred side. Three-Face uses his three-sided dice where landing on one has Three-Face killing Batman, landing on two has Two-Face not killing Batman, and landing on three has both of them drinking hot chocolate together. The three-sided dice lands on one and he fights Batman until he trips and falls face first into a container of bleach. When Batman visits Three-Face later, Three-Face now calls himself Four-Face due to the bleach stains on his unscarred side. Four-Face has Batman draw one of his four straws where the shortest straw will have Four-Face killing him, the longest straw will have Four-Face not killing Batman, and the other two straws would determine if Four-Face should throw bleach on Batman's costume or they drink hot chocolate together. Batman draws one of the other two straws and it cuts to them having hot chocolate together. When Four-Face wants to try Batman's soup, an accident causes Four-Face's face to be harmed by soup. In the Robot Chicken DC Universe Special, a segment has Two-Face (voiced again by Neil Patrick Harris) in the bathroom where he uses his coin to determine his bathroom choices. In the final segment where the superheroes and supervillains battle it out at Aquaman's surprise birthday party, Two-Face flips a coin and it lands on the unscarred side where he knocks himself out.
  • In Bat Thumb, the character is renamed "No Face", because he has no face. His plan was to disappear everyone's face in Gaaathumb City and marry Vicki Nail all to himself.

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