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Twelve vehicles can be selected for play in Twisted Metal. Each vehicle comes equipped with a unique special weapon. The special weapon is unlimited in stock but decrease the player's "Special Weapon Attack Number". When this number reaches zero, the player will be unable to use the special weapon and must wait for the special weapon to recharge before the number increases again.

The competitors selected by Calypso come from various backgrounds and include the likes of assassins, mercenaries, vigilantes, professional drivers, social misfits and joyriders:

  • Needles Kane, the pilot of the ice cream truck "Sweet Tooth", is a psychotic clown on the run from a Los Angeles mental hospital, having stolen Sweet Tooth, grabbed a bag of hot dogs and set out in search of his best friend. Sweet Tooth's special weapon is the "Napalm Cone", a scorching scoop of flaming ice cream.
  • Commander Mason, the pilot of the armored vehicle "Warthog", is an angry army commander hired by the United States government to retrieve a top-secret item from an Arizona plane crash. Warthog's special weapon is the "XQJ-37", a trio of top-secret military missiles.
  • Sergeant Roberts, the pilot of the police car "Outlaw", is a police officer who is competing in Twisted Metal in hopes of cleaning up the streets and making the world a safer place. Outlaw's special weapon is the "Tazer", a series of omnidirectional high-energy volts.
  • Mister Ash, the pilot of the semi-trailer truck "Darkside", is a strange creature with unknown motives born from the depths of Hell. Darkside's special weapon is the "Death Blast", a white-hot laser beam forged in the fires of Hell.
  • Dave and Mike, the pilots of the stolen monster truck "Hammerhead", are two high school drop-outs competing for the thrill of the contest and to see what their newest heavy metal CDs sound like in the middle of a gun fight. Hammerhead's special weapon is the "Crusher", which is activated automatically by running an opponent over with Hammerhead's massive tires.
  • Charlie Kane, the pilot of the taxicab "Yellow Jacket", is a retired racecar driver fighting for the knowledge of his son's whereabouts. Yellow Jacket's special weapon is a molotov cocktail, which can be launched at opponents to set them ablaze.
  • Captain Spears, the pilot of a car made from scraps named "Roadkill", is an old army commando who lost his men in a savage jungle war and is competing in hopes of changing the past. Roadkill's special weapon is the "Steel Dagger", a giant, sharp steel rod.
  • Scott Campbell, the pilot of the sports car "Spectre", is a restless spirit who wishes to become whole once again. Specter's special weapon is the "Phantom Burst", a ghostly weapon that can phase through walls and floors in order to reach an opponent.
  • The pilot of the motorcycle "Mr. Grimm" is an unknown figure with unknown motives. Mr. Grimm's special weapon is the "Death Spawn", which fires the screaming souls of the restless dead and is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • Agent Stone, the pilot of the Lamborghini Countach "Crimson Fury", is a special agent searching for an item that could liberate the world. Crimson Fury's special weapon is the "Crimson Blade", a metal-slicing laser beam.
  • Angela Fortin, the pilot of the dune buggy "Pit Viper", is a mysterious female supposedly competing for money. Pit Viper's special weapon is the "Sizzle", a sizzling glob of metal-eating slime.
  • Bruce Cochrane, the pilot of the lowrider "Thumper", is a man in search of peace for his neighborhood, his family and himself. Thumper's special weapon is the "Scorcher", a powerful flamethrower.

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