Twentieth Dynasty

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New Kingdom Of Egypt - Twentieth Dynasty
... pharaoh from the New Kingdom is widely regarded to be Ramesses III, a Twentieth Dynasty pharaoh who reigned several decades after Ramesses II ... eventually founded the Twenty-First dynasty at Tanis ...
Sutekh (deity) - Temples
... Perhaps most intriguing in terms of the pre-Twentieth Dynasty connections between temples of Set and nearby temples of his consort Nephthys is the evidence of Papyrus Bologna, which preserves a ... When, by the Twentieth Dynasty, the "demonization" of Seth was ostensibly inaugurated, Seth was either eradicated or increasingly pushed to the outskirts, Nephthys flourished as part of the usual Osirian pantheon ... role of Seth in ancient Egyptian religion (particularly after the Twentieth Dynasty) is imperative ...
History Of Ancient Egypt - Dynastic Egypt - New Kingdom - Twentieth Dynasty
... Following Ramesses III's death there was endless bickering between his heirs ... Three of his sons would go on to assume power as Ramesses IV, Ramesses VI and Ramesses VIII respectively ...

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