Tuyen Quang Province

Tuyen Quang Province

Tuyên Quang ( listen) is a province of Vietnam, located in the northeastern part of the country to the northwest of Hanoi, at the centre of Lô River valley, a tributary of the Red River. The delta formation in the province is called the Tonkin Delta. Its capital is Tuyên Quang township. The province had a population of 746,900 in 2008, with a density of 127 persons per sqkm over a total land area of 5,870.4 square kilometres (2,266.6 sq mi).

Tuyên Quang borders Hà Giang to the north, Cao Bằng to the northeast, Bắc Kạn and Thái Nguyên to the east, Vĩnh Phúc to the south, Phú Thọ to the southwest, and Yên Bái to the west.

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... During October and November 1884 the Farcy gunboats Revolver and Mitrailleuse, based at Tuyen Quang, and the gunboats Bourrasque, Éclair, Mutine and Trombe ... Revolver was eventually withdrawn from Tuyen Quang, but Mitrailleuse remained on station, and later distinguished herself in the Siege of Tuyen Quang (24 November 1884–3 March 1885) ...
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... The popular festivals celebrated in the province are the Gieng Tanh village festival and the Qua Tang festival of the Dao people ...

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