Turks in The Netherlands

Turks in the Netherlands (occasionally Dutch Turks or Turkish-Dutch) (Dutch: Turkse Nederlander; Turkish: Hollanda Türkleri) are the ethnic Turks living in the Netherlands who form the third largest ethnic group after the Dutch people, other Europeans and Indonesians.

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Turgesh - Origins
... who visited the area, related how the Turks had overlorded the country ... Most of the local kings who came under the rule of the Turks at this time were converted to ilteber (颉利发), and supervised by the tudun ... According to Chinese sources, under Tong the Turks advanced into the Sassanid empire and killed Khosrau II ...
Turks In The Netherlands - Demographics
... See also Demographics of the Netherlands Turkish immigrants first began to settle in big cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht as well as the regions of ... the capital cities but also medium-sized cities, and even small villages attracted the Turks ... in large cities in the west of the country some 36% of Turks live in the Randstad region ...
Turks In The Netherlands - See Also
... List of Dutch Turks Netherlands–Turkey relations FC Türkiyemspor Turks in Europe Turkeye Turkish Workers' Union in the Netherlands ...
Turks In Japan
... Turks in Japan (Japanese 在日トルコ人 Turkish Japonya Türkleri) are Turks living in Japan ...
Caucasus Front (Russian Republic) - Truce and Dissolution
... Nevertheless, the Turks continued some offensive operations, taking advantage of the fact that the Caucasus Front had effectively ceased to exist as a cohesive military force ... Such resistance as the Turks met was offered by Armenian volunteer militia units ... on March 3, 1918 by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ending all hostilities with the Turks ...

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