The Theban Tomb of Meru TT240 is located in the El-Assasif overlooking the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II (around 2000 BC).

Meru was the son of Iku and Nebti.

The tomb consists of a great courtyard at the hills of the El-Assasif. The tomb itself is cut into the rock and consisted of a corridor and a second corridor which goes down to the burial chamber. The first corridor was found undecorated, while the burial chamber is fully decorated with religious texts, several false doors, the depiction of an offering table and an offering list. The sarcophagus of Meru was cut into the ground of the burial chamber and also decorated on its inside.

Meru was a high official under Mentuhotep II with the titles royal sealer and overseer of sealers. He is also known from a big stela now in Turin. The stela is dated to year 46 of the king. The provenance of the stela is not known, but comes perhaps from this tomb.