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Khovanshchina - Historical Basis of The Plot
... The death of the young Tsar Fyodor III has left Russia with a crisis of succession ... Prince Ivan Khovansky, Fyodor’s sickly brother Ivan and his half-brother Peter, both still in their teens, have been installed as joint rulers, with their older sister Sophia acting as regent ... Tsar Peter is modernizing, and two powerful forces are resisting his changes the Streltsy and the Old Believers ...
Russian Inventions - Tsardom of Russia - Early 18th Century
... first known Russian faceted glass was given as a present to Tsar Peter the Great from a glass-maker called Yefim Smolin, living in Vladimir Oblast ... He boasted to Tsar that his glass couldn't be broken ... Tsar Peter liked the present, however, after drinking some alcoholic beverage from it, he threw the glass on the ground and managed to break it ...
Charlotte Christine Of Brunswick-Lüneburg - Biography
... In late 1709, Tsar Peter I of Russia sent his son Alexei to Dresden to finish his education ... She seemed a good match to Tsar Peter for his son because her elder sister Elizabeth Christine was married to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, and the support of Austria in the ... Christine married Tsarevich Alexei, eldest son and heir of Peter I of Russia by his first wife Eudoxia Lopukhina ...

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