Tryptophan Side Chain

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ACE Inhibitors Drug Design - Phosphinic Peptides - Drug Design of RXPA 380
... Analogues where pseudo-proline or tryptophan residues had been substituted showed less selectivity than RXPA380 ... This shows that pseudo-proline and tryptophan residues accommodate well in the C-domain but not in the N-domain. 2 more analogues with both pseudo-proline and tryptophan but missing the pseudo-phenylalanine residue in P1 position showed low potency for N-domain, similar to RXPA380 ...
Tryptophan 2'-dioxygenase
... In enzymology, a tryptophan 2'-dioxygenase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction L-tryptophan + O2 (indol-3-yl)glycolaldehyde ... this enzyme class is L-tryptophanoxygen 2'-oxidoreductase (side-chain-cleaving) ... Other names in common use include indole-3-alkane alpha-hydroxylase, tryptophan side-chain alpha,beta-oxidase, tryptophan side chain oxidase II, tryptophan side-chain oxidase, TSO, indolyl-3-alka ...

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