True Jesus Church in China

The True Jesus Church in China is a non-denominational (independent) church that was established in Beijing, China, in 1917 and continues today in the People's Republic of China. The True Jesus Church was the first Chinese Christian group since the mid-nineteenth century Taipings to generate a creative and self-defined set of doctrines, and it was also the largest of the indigenous churches by the 1930s. This group practices faith healing, speaking in tongues, baptism by immersion, feet washing and Saturday Sabbath. By 1949 they claimed 120,000 members, meeting in 700 churches. Although banned in 1958, they were allowed to reopen in 1985 and since then, they have experienced rapid growth and have spread nationwide, although they are strongest in Jiangsu, Hunan and Fujian provinces. They strongly emphasis daily prayer, both private and public, and engage in vigorous evangelism.

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