Tropical Storm Bongwe

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Timeline Of The 2007–08 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Timeline of Events - November
15 1200 UTC - Météo-France begins advisories on Tropical Cyclone Lee, which is redesignated Severe Tropical Storm Ariel by Mauritius as it crosses 90°E and out of TCWC Perth's area of ... November 0000 ... UTC - Météo-France downgrades Severe Tropical Storm Ariel to a moderate tropical storm. 0600 UTC - Météo-France downgrades Moderate Tropical Storm Ariel to a tropical depression ...

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    Oh, you’ll love the sea. There’s something about it. The hot red dawn, the towering sails, the wake on a tropical night. Oh, you’ll love it all. It’s a glorious kind of world. I couldn’t live without it.
    —Charles Larkworthy. Denison Clift. Capt. Benjamin Briggs (Arthur Margetson)

    Sin their conception, their birth weeping,
    Their life a general mist of error,
    Their death a hideous storm of terror.
    John Webster (c. 1580–1638)