Tristan Devere Cole

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List Of Survivors Episodes - Series 3 (1977)
... Brod, allowing the other people to return to their farm 3.04 "Mad Dog" Tristan DeVere Cole Don Shaw Morris Perry (as Fenton), Bernard Kay (as Sanders), Heather ... who is reportedly nearby 3.08 "Sparks" Tristan DeVere Cole Roger Parkes John Bennett (as Queenie), Gabrielle Hamilton (as Letty), Linda Polan (as Bet), John White (as ... bandits – intentionally infecting them all 3.11 "Long Live the King" Tristan DeVere Cole Martin Worth Roy Marsden (as The Captain), Frank Vincent (as Mitch), Barry Stokes (as Tom ...
List Of Secret Army Episodes - Series Three: 1979
... for the night 33 "A Safe Place" Allan Prior Tristan DeVere Cole Struan Rodger (as “Mad” Mike Miller), Anthony Head (as Hanslick), Roger Booth (as Reichskommissar Glaub), Duncan Preston (as Gavain ... Monique survive the disease and are able to return 35 "Prisoner" Robert Barr Tristan DeVere Cole Eric Deacon (as Klein), Prentis Hancock (as Jacot) 27 ... forces 38 "Sound of Thunder" Eric Paice Tristan DeVere Cole Davyd Harries (as Jean Lamotte), Morris Perry (as Guissard), Graham Weston (as Jacques ...

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    Nelse McLeod: Faith can move mountains Milt, but it can’t beat a faster draw. There’s only three men I know with his kind of speed—one’s dead, the other’s me, and the third is Cole Thornton.
    Cole Thornton: There’s a fourth.
    McLeod: Which one are you?
    Thornton: I’m Thornton.
    Leigh Brackett (1915–1978)