Trilinear Coordinates

In geometry, the trilinear coordinates of a point relative to a given triangle describe the relative distances from the three sides of the triangle. Trilinear coordinates are an example of homogeneous coordinates. They are often called simply "trilinears".

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Trilinear Coordinates - Conversions
... A point with trilinears α β γ has barycentric coordinates aα bβ cγ where a, b, c are the sidelengths of the triangle ... Conversely, a point with barycentrics α β γ has trilinears α/a β/b γ/c ... There are formulas for converting between trilinear coordinates and 2D Cartesian coordinates ...
Nagel Point - Trilinear Coordinates
... Trilinear coordinates of the Nagel point were given by Gallatly (1913) as or, equivalently, in terms of the side lengths a =