Trey is a three in cards, dice, or dominoes, similar to the more familiar ace for one and deuce for two. It comes from Old French treis, meaning three.

It can refer to a nickname for those who are the third of their name. For example, this is William Henry Gates III's nickname within his family.

Others with the name or nickname "Trey" include:

  • Trey Anastasio, American guitarist, composer and singer, lead guitarist of Phish
  • Trey Azagthoth, guitarist for death metal band Morbid Angel
  • Trey Brewer, competitive bodybuilder, NPC National Bodybuilding Competition Overall Winner
  • Trey Bruce, country singer
  • Trey Gunn, former member of the band King Crimson
  • Trey Hillman, manager of the Kansas City Royals
  • Trey Junkin, former American football player
  • Trey Lewis, NFL defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons
  • Trey Lewis (tennis), female tennis player from 1979 to 1986
  • Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park, along with Matt Stone
  • Trey Smith, son of actor and singer Will Smith
  • Trey Songz, stage name of Tremaine Neverson, American R&B singer.
  • Trey Spruance, American musician
  • Trey Teague, American football player
  • Trey of Triforia, a character in Power Rangers: Zeo
  • Trey Wingo, American sportscaster
  • Trey Bruce, a gay hobo
  • Trey Racer, known in the manga and Japanese version as Horohoro, a Shaman King character
  • Trey, a character in Gran Torino

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