Treponema is a bacterial genus. The major species is Treponema pallidum, whose subspecies are responsible for diseases such as syphilis and yaws.

The species Treponema hyodysenteriae and Treponema innocens have been reclassified into Serpula.

In the early 2000s they have again been reclassified into the family Brachyspiraceae.

Treponema paraluiscuniculi is associated with syphilis in rabbits.

Treponema carateum is the cause of pinta.

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... or individually describe any of the diseases caused by the bacterial species Treponema pallidum ... described which cause the following diseases Syphilis (Treponema pallidum pallidum) Yaws (Treponema pallidum pertenue) Bejel (Treponema pallidum endemicum) Pinta (Treponema pallidum carateum) ...
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