Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse

Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse is a collection of essays edited by Valerie Sinason addressing the treatment of those who allege they are survivors of Satanic ritual abuse (a phenomenon generally considered a moral panic by most scholars). The book discusses the definitions, alleged history, scepticism about the phenomenon and ethical issues related to treating individuals reporting satanic ritual abuse. The book has been criticized by Ralph Underwager for being unscientific, defending a dubious concept with a complete lack of skepticism, possessing the veneer of science without any substance and for promoting unethical treatment practices.

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Treating Survivors Of Satanist Abuse - Reception
... all the myriad flaws that comprise belief in satanic ritual abuse, and its appearance as a scholarly volume could fool a person with a lack of understanding of rational thought ... cases cited by Sinason to support the existence of ritual abuse, are not particularly compelling, and offers alternative reasons than actual abuse to explain the allegations ...

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