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Two teams, each consisting of one boy and one girl, competed. In round 1, teams heard survey questions with three possible answers. (For example: We asked sixth graders what they would do if they saw a bug on their friends shoulder. Would they brush it off, tell their friend, or wait and see what happens?) Each teammate locked in what they believed was the most popular answer. A right answer won a point for their team (if both teammates agreed and were correct, they score two points). The first team to reach 5 points or more won the right to enter a store in the Treasure Mall. If there was a tie on 5 or more, the round continued until one team had the lead outright.

Every store in the mall had a theme; Toy Store, Fashion Boutique, etc. The stores were divided into four distinct sections, with 4 coins hidden in each section; each teammate searched two areas, taking alternating turns to do so. One teammate had 25 seconds to search the first section for coins, dropping them into a bucket Sparks was holding. The coins had to go into the bucket for them to count. When time ran out (indicated by a bell), the clock reset to 25 and the other teammate began the next section immediately. After the final buzzer, the coins were counted up. The team won a prize package depending on how well they did; the more coins they collected, the better the package. Two valuable prizes were won if a team managed to find all 16 coins.

Round 2 was played exactly the same way, except that the team won the right to enter a different store. The team who had more coins at the end of this round (or the team who won both rounds) won the game and advanced to the bonus round.

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