Transsexual Women

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Lynn Conway - Transgender Activism
... She has provided direct and indirect assistance to numerous other transsexual women going through transition and maintains a well-known website providing emotional and medical ... maintains a listing of many successful post-transition transsexual people, to, in her words "provide role models for individuals who are facing gender transition." Her website also provides current ... Bailey, and Lawrence theory of male-to-female transsexualism that all transsexual women are motivated either by feminine homosexuality or autogynephilia ...
Transgender Sexuality - Sexual Orientation Distribution - Transsexual Women
... that the breakdown of sexualities among transsexual women is 38% bisexual, 35% attracted to women, and 27% attracted to men ... Older research had suggested that the majority of transsexual women seeking sex reassignment were attracted to men ... About half of trans women studied have sexual intercourse with women ...

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