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Transformers Autobots and Decepticons feature an integrated online community which is designed by Spiral Design Studio and developed and managed by Agora Games. The site features detailed player profiles, allowing users to view several in-game player stats such as destruction points, deaths, and enemies destroyed. Community forums allow players to communicate with one another, and also facilitate regular contests in which players compete in various Transformers related activities - both in-game and out - for prizes.

Like many video games with an online component, Transformers DS promotes a teamwork oriented aspect through the use of clans. Players may choose to become the leader of their own clan or join one of the hundreds of clans already available. While clans were initially restricted to 10 members, this restriction has since been lifted, allowing an unlimited number of players to join a clan. Clans are ranked against other clans on their side based upon their contributions., the site for the game made by Agora games, occasionally holds contests. They hold in game contests which put the best players in a match of skill for a certain period of time (Its gone up to about a week once). While most contests only result in getting a title for the site, some contests hold a prize of a transformers toy. There have been other types of contests revolving around writing, drawing, and photo taking, that prizes will vary in.

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