Transformers Autobots - Characters


  • Steven Jay Blum voices the Create-A-Bot, the main character and the only Autobot with more than one alternate mode. He was given an upgrade by Wheeljack and usually helps most of the Autobots in missions- Ironhide, Jazz, Optimus and Bumblebee (he is actually never seen helping Ratchet). In a desperate bid to help Optimus and save him from the wrath of Megatron, in which he ultimately succeeds but dies in the process. He was the only Autobot whose death was confirmed in the game.
  • Bumblebee, the Autobot recon officer. Bumblebee is someone who commonly speaks in Cybertronian, however, in "Driven To Distraction" When he is captured, he can be heard to say clearly in English, "Go...Now!" (Blum provided his voice for that line). Bumblebee is only seen in two places in the game, Tranquility and Hoover Dam. Much to differ than the film, Bumblebee retains and doesn't change to an 08 Concept Camaro, even since this game has the scan feature. He is last seen driving into the sunset with Optimus and Ironhide, showing he actually did survive.
  • Mark Ryan voices Ironhide, the Autobot weapon specialist. He is the only Autobot with guns that both appeared in the film and is stuck there through the whole game. He is much different than in the film, for example, he has a southern accent and he believes Prime is just out to get Megatron. He first appears in the Arctic, even though he gives the tutorial during the first mission and alerts Create-A-Bot in the first level. He is seen at the end of the game driving into the sunset with Bumblebee and Prime.
  • Andew Kishino voices Jazz, the Autobot second-in-command. Jazz is the Autobot with a unique weapon: While all other weapons feature a "Staple" Sound, his features a "Fizz". He may be the smallest but he utilizes that via his maxed-out agility. Jazz is one of the best close combat fighters because of his max agility. In his first mission on Earth, he ends up squaring up to the largest Decepticon of them all- Blackout. He is seen last fighting Drones made by the Allspark.
  • Fred Tatasciore voices Ratchet, the Autobot medical officer. He is the least seen of all the Autobots, only appearing 5 times in the entire game. He is seen around the other Autobots, although, curiously enough, he is never seen to be helped by Create-A-Bot. He is prominent in two missions: "Narrow Escape" and "Downtown Blackout". He is last seen destroying Blackout during the events of "Downtown Blackout".
  • Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots and the first heard Transformer in the game, narrating the intro movie detailing the events of Tyger Pax. He is seen giving instructions to Create-A-Bot. In all of his playable appearances, he fights three Decepticons - Barricade, Brawl and Megatron. Although him and Megatron have a deep relationship of hatred for each other, he is only ever seen with Megatron twice in the entire game. He eventually fights Megatron once he has defeated the Drones and takes over in place of Create-A-Bot in the fight against Megatron, eventually killing him. He ends the game by sending a transmission into space, directing the Autobots to Earth and drives into the sunset with Bumblebee and Ironhide.

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