Transformers Autobots

Transformers Autobots is a video game based on fictional alien robots, Transformers. This version follows the plot of the movie. Most prominently, while the Autobots version has missions in the Arctic, the Decepticons version contain desert missions taking place in a Qatar military base.

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Soundwave (Transformers) - Transformers: Generation 1 - Comics - Marvel Comics
... Insecticons to derail talks between the Autobots and Ronald Reagan at one point in the 1985 Transformers UK annual), then under Shockwave, attacking an aerospace construction plant whose facilities were used to build ... the Dinobot Hunt story arcs, manipulating events to weaken the Autobot leadership and cause maximum casualties ... The Autobots arrived, but a series of miscommunications between Prowl and Jetfire resulted in the transmission being sent, allowing the Decepticons to claim victory ...
Transformers Autobots - Reception
... Autobots fared well at Metacritic with an average of 72/100 while it has a rating of 6.5 in GameSpot ...