Transformed String

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Burrows–Wheeler Transform - Bijective Variant
... of ^BANANA you get ANNBAA^ you don't need a special character for the end of string which forces one to increase character space by one or force one to have a separate field with a ... is done by sorting all rotations of the lyndon words, in comparing two string of unequal length, we compare the infinite periodic repetitions of each of these,in ... For example, the text "^BANANA

Famous quotes containing the words string and/or transformed:

    Amongst the learned the lawyers claim first place, the most self-satisfied class of people, as they roll their rock of Sisyphus and string together six hundred laws in the same breath, no matter whether relevant or not, piling up opinion on opinion and gloss on gloss to make their profession seem the most difficult of all. Anything which causes trouble has special merit in their eyes.
    Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466–1536)

    ... it is an uneasy lot at best, to be what we call highly taught and yet not to enjoy: to be present at this great spectacle of life and never to be liberated from a small hungry shivering self—never to be fully possessed by the glory we behold, never to have our consciousness rapturously transformed into the vividness of a thought, the ardour of a passion, the energy of an action, but always to be scholarly and uninspired, ambitious and timid, scrupulous and dim-sighted.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)