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Color Motion Picture Film - Monopack Color Film
... In the 35mm case, Technicolor dye-transfer printing was a "tie-in" product ... In the 16mm case, there were Eastman Kodak duplicating and printing stocks and associated chemistry, not the same as a "tie-in" product ... In exceptional cases, Technicolor offered 16mm dye-transfer printing, but this necessitated the exceptionally wasteful process of printing on a 35mm base, only thereafter to be re-perforated and re-slit to 16mm ...

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    A process of genocide is being carried out before the eyes of the world.
    Pope John Paul II (b. 1920)

    I have proceeded ... to prevent the lapse from ... the point of blending between wakefulness and sleep.... Not ... that I can render the point more than a point—but that I can startle myself ... into wakefulness—and thus transfer the point ... into the realm of Memory—convey its impressions,... to a situation where ... I can survey them with the eye of analysis.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    It seems not more reasonable to leave the right of printing unrestrained, because writers may be afterwards censured, than it would be to sleep with doors unbolted, because by our laws we can hang a thief.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)