Toxic Bunny

Toxic Bunny is a side-scrolling action computer game for DOS computers released in 1996 by Celestial Games The premise of the game is that a bunny named Toxic, a coffee guzzling, gun slinging maniac who is having a really bad day. The game covers four large levels in which Toxic hunts the person (or animal) responsible for interrupting his coffee break, brainwashing all his friends, and covering the planet with a decaffeinated goo.. Within the game you can use any number of incredibly large weapons including a Nitric Hamster Launcher, while squashisng aliens with rusty nautical equipment.

Many say the game is a psychedelic parody of Epic Games character, Jazz Jackrabbit, due to similar game play and the fact that the main protagonist is also a rabbit. However the developers disagree, instead claiming inspirations from the popular 1994 game Earthworm Jim. Toxic Bunny is filled with an abundance of cheesy 90's references and high speed antics.

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