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In the fourth Japan Science Fiction convention, Toshokan Sensō won the 2008 Seiun Award for Japanese long fiction. In the initial Anime DVD charts, Toshokan Sensō was ranked first on the top ten before it went down to eighth place. The series had sold in 2008 a total of 7,949 copies. In 2008, Bessatsu Toshokan Sensō I had sold 62,737 copies and was ranked seventh best light novel while Bessatsu Toshokan Sensō II was ranked the fifth best light novel with a total of 67,874 copies sold. As of April 2008, the original four novels and volume one of the spin-off series have sold over 1.25 million copies in Japan. After its debut broadcast, Toshokan Sensō had an average household rating of 4.5. The series also has a strong fan backing, as noted by Deb Aoki, manga guide of, who says that when Viz Media announced their license for the Love and War manga version, a "a cry of delight rose up from fans of this manga, anime and light novel series."

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