Tony Veitch - Controversy - Resignation From Media Work

Resignation From Media Work

The day after the assault allegations were made public, Veitch turned up to work on Radio Sport, although Andrew Saville presented the sports news on ONE News. TVNZ released a media statement saying “Sports Presenter Tony Veitch has agreed to step down from his role with TVNZ while media allegations are considered by the broadcaster.” It reported that “head of news and current affairs Anthony Flannery said that Mr Veitch would step down while a review was conducted into the allegations made against him by some media organisations.” He added that due to the nature of the allegations—in particular the privacy of others, he could not make comment further.

On 9 July, Veitch held a press conference where he said he "broke, I lashed out". He said that although he had no excuses, he had been working seven days a week and was at a low point. He was not on either of his programs that day.

On 10 July, Rick Ellis released a statement that ONE News’ Lisa Owen described as "bland". It said "Television New Zealand has a review process underway regarding disclosures by sports presenter Tony Veitch. We are giving the situation our most serious consideration, and Tony's personal statement today will be taken into account by the review process," he said. "Violence is a major issue in New Zealand and the profile of our on air presenters is important to the public and to our organisation." Ellis said TVNZ had had a number of conversations with Veitch and his legal representatives, and the review process was being run by the Heads of Television, Human Resources and News and Current Affairs.

Veitch issued a media statement on 17 July 2008 announcing his resignation from both TVNZ and Radio Sport. He was quoted as saying that "TVNZ has been my life, I have loved my job. There have been a lot of statements made that are untrue which make it untenable now for me to continue in my current roles with TVNZ and the Radio Network."

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