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You can have a healthy, happy life and still be indelibly connected to the deeper sorrow of the world. You don't need to create personal trauma to experience darkness. In fact, in some rarefied theological schools of thought, one could argue the opposite.

American Theater magazine, 2006

Taccone credits the success of Angels in America with triggering a personal bout of narcissm that coincided with middle age. He says he eventually returned to the person he wanted to be, and found his friends and family still there, although his marriage was over.

Taccone's children include Jorma Taccone, a member of the sketch-comedy troupe the Lonely Island and a writer for Saturday Night Live and Asa Taccone, a musician and sometimes collaborator with his brother. Asa is a founding member of indie rock band Electric Guest and has composed music for his father's productions, such as for Bridge & Tunnel and Taking Over. Taccone currently lives in Berkeley with his companion, lawyer Morgan Forsey, and her son Conor.

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