Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider III

Tomb Raider III

This game, which follows Lara as she embarks upon a quest to recover four meteorite stones scattered across the world, features the following characters:

  • Lara Croft
  • Winston
  • Dr. Mark Willard: A Scottish, seemingly friendly archaeological researcher, Willard is the head of RX Tech, an excavation crew digging near the meteor crater of Antarctica. He showed an unusual interest in the continent's history, and its relation to four stones that were taken from there decades ago. After a coincidental meeting in India, Lara agrees to work for him. Later on in the game, his true intentions for the artefacts are revealed.
  • Sophia Leigh: She is the main villain in the sub-plot connecting the London levels, and the final boss in the game's expansion pack The Lost Artefact. Sophia carries the "Eye of Isis", a piece of the meteorite rock, on a gold staff. This highly successful but ruthless businesswoman stands at the head of a rather unsavoury cosmetics giant in London. Sophia is obsessed with everlasting beauty, and her company is rumoured to experiment with illegal substances. She appears to be immortal and is immune to Lara's standard bullets, so she can only be defeated through more creative methods.
  • Tony: Under orders of Dr. Willard, an exploration party was sent into the forests of India to recover the ancient Infada stone. However, one of the team members, Tony, experienced jungle fever and went insane. He left his team members, Randy and Rory, for dead (their mutilated bodies are seen in the Temple Ruins level) and took the Infada stone for himself. Lara is forced to deal with him before he causes more havoc. Tony is the main boss of the India-based levels.
  • The Marines: A plane carrying these American Marines crashed into the mountains near Madubu Gorge. One of them was captured by the cannibalistic natives, after a raptor had eaten his leg. Knowing his fate was sealed by his inability to leave with Lara, he gives her a map of hidden stepping stones used to traverse the nearby swamp and enjoys his last peaceful moments before his impending godly sacrifice at the hands of the natives. Other survivors were scattered around the crash site of the plane and are found fending for themselves against the native dinosaurs with MP5 machine guns. Their superiors, Lt. Tuckerman and Major Bishop were killed by the dinosaurs. The soldiers are considered friendly characters and assist Lara in killing the roaming raptors but should she fire upon one, all soldiers throughout the level will attack her on sight. They appear in the Crash Site level.
  • The Tribesman: Lara encounters this cannibal, fasting in one of the tribe's temples after making her way through the Crash Site level. He gives her information on why his tribe had abandoned their settlement many years ago at the Antarctic meteorite crater when supernatural powers had adversely affected the birth of the new leader. He also explains that they retained one of their artifacts (the Ora Dagger) which was taken by one of Darwin's sailors many years after the tribe's home was abandoned. Before Lara leaves, he warns her that his tribe will still attempt to kill her. The tribesman appears in a cut scene after the Crash Site level.
  • Puna: A man of which little is known, Puna is the high priest of the Polynesian tribe of cannibals near the South Pacific. He wields his tremendous magical powers through the Ora Dagger artefact. He is the boss for the South Pacific section of Tomb Raider III.
  • Sophia's Hitman: A mercenary who tries to ambush Lara on the roof of St. Paul's Cathedral before she disarms him. Lara interrogates him and she learns that he works for Sophia Leigh. He regains his weapon, but is hit by a ringing bell and thrown off the roof of the cathedral before he has the chance to attack Lara a second time. He appears in the cut scene following the Thames Wharf level.
  • The Damned: Amongst the abandoned English tube station of Aldwych live a fearsome gang of masked men. Their leader, Bob, explains to Lara that they were ordinary men once, who came looking for work at Sophia Leigh's cosmetic company where she was secretly using one of the sacred artifacts for scientific research. However, when they were given what appeared to be dream lab assist jobs, they were subjected to her horrific product-testing experiments in her search for everlasting beauty via immortality. The experiments left them horribly disfigured, but immortal nonetheless. They were then disposed of down the waste chutes into the underground sewers. Now they live their lives in seclusion, choosing to hide their deformity from the world. Lara first encounters them in the Aldwych level as enemies covering their appearance and wielding clubs as they attack her. When she is captured after this level, she is dragged to Bob who tells her their story. He is willing to help her through the next level, Lud's Gate, if she were to return the favour by giving them some ancient Egyptian embalming fluid hidden in the Natural History Museum nearby so that they can reverse their disfigurement and return above ground (although this is not necessary to completing the level). After their discussion, the Damned become Lara's friends (unless she shoots one of them, in which they will all attack her on sight). They appear in the Aldwych and Lud's Gate levels.
  • The M.P.s: When Lara travels to Nevada, she encounters many M.P.s in and at the military base and Area 51. When Lara tries to enter the base by using a quad bike to jump a fence via a dirt hill, she botches the landing and passes out on the bank of a small creek. Two M.P.s then take her to a prison cell. Also, one can be seen closing the door to a supply truck heading to Area 51 that Lara hid in to escape the base. They are enemies in the Nevada desert, the High Security Prison, and Area 51.
  • The Aliens: Near the end of Area 51, an Alien space craft, with an interior bigger than the exterior, and four Aliens can be found. One of them is seen laying on an operating table, similar to that of the Alien autopsy video, while another is frozen in a chamber in an adjoining room and the others are in the ship frozen in two of four similar chambers surrounding the Element 151 in the center of the ship. It is surrounded by consoles that look like they can only be controlled by the Aliens. Whether they are dead or alive is a mystery. How the artifact got there is an even bigger one.

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