Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider Chronicles

Tomb Raider Chronicles

This game depicts four adventures from Lara’s past as she is missing and presumed to be dead throughout the course of the game. The following characters all play a role in these events:

  • Lara Croft
  • Winston
  • Werner Von Croy
  • Pierre Dupont: Occurring before his encounter with Lara in the first game he is out on the streets of Rome looking for the Philosopher's Stone, but he intends to let Lara do the dirty work for him. In this game Pierre falls off a cliff and survives, but he is badly injured.
  • Larson: Before encountering Lara in the first game Larson met Lara in Rome, where he works with Pierre against her.
  • Charles Kane: Charles was a teacher at Gordonstoun Boarding school, where he taught Lara history for two years. He has a personal interest in the old Iron Curtain countries and with the advent of glasnost seized his opportunity to visit the Eastern bloc whenever he could afford the time. He helps Lara in her mission in Russia in 1995.
  • Sergei Mikhailov: A Russian crime boss hunting for the Spear of Destiny. He corrupts Admiral Yarofev and then uses his submarine. When Lara discovers the spear, Mikhailov confronts her and takes it, but proves unable to withstand its power, leading to his death. Mikhailov appears in the Russia portion of the game.
  • Admiral Yarofev: Captain of a nuclear submarine, the dissolution of the Soviet Union have forced him to accept bribes and missions he would rather not be involved with to support himself and his men. When he first discovers Lara on board the submarine, he has her locked up. Later, Lara finds him wounded in the submarine's control room after the sub is crippled. He helps her activate the escape pod so she can escape, but chooses to remain behind, asking Lara to tell the world how a government ignored its soldiers needs. He is killed as the submarine crashes into the seabed. Yarofev appears in the Russia chapter of the game.
  • Father Patrick Dunstan: One of the three friends gathered at Croft Manor, Father Dunstan has known Lara since she was a teenager. At that time, he was involved in a dangerous exorcism on the Black Isle.
  • The Hanging Demon: Hanging by Gallow's Tree, a demon resembling a rotting corpse begs a young Lara to come closer before requesting she find his heart buried within the roots of the tree. He only appears in the level Gallow's Tree.
  • The Grim Reaper: Though he does not harm Lara, she follows him throughout the labyrinth where she finds the Bestiary, a book which later helps her defeat the demon horseman Vladimir Kaleta. The Grim Reaper appears in the second Black Isle level.
  • Vladimir Kaleta: Vladimir Kaleta is a demon who goes under the name of Verdilet. Father Patrick Dunstan and young Lara meet him at the Black Isle, trapped on the island for 700 years. He was promised the gift of eternal life, concealed within an ancient scroll by the Abbot and his cohorts, but was tricked and remains trapped within a barn surrounded by flowing water. He kidnaps Dunstan in order for Lara to shut off the running water at an old mill. Kaleta appears in the final Black Isle level.
  • Zip: A hacker who assists Lara in her attempt to infiltrate the main office of Von Croy Industries in 1999. He guides her through the building's ventilation system from a bus parked outside.
  • Elderly Man: While Lara makes her escape with the Iris artefact in New York, Von Croy and an elderly assistant view surveillance footage of Lara breaking into the building. As Von Croy recognises Lara, the elderly man comments that his past has returned to haunt him once more. The Elderly Man appears in a single cut scene during the VCI Tower Block chapter.

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