Tomb Raider Characters - Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend

Legend focuses upon Lara’s quest to learn what the truth about what happened to her mother after an event from her childhood. This goal ultimately leads Lara into a race to acquire the fragments of the sword Excalibur. The following characters were featured:

  • Lara Croft
  • Winston Smith
  • Zip
  • Richard Croft:
  • Amelia Croft: Amelia plays a large role in Lara's revised back story. After surviving the crash with her daughter, Amelia mysteriously disappears in an incident in a Himalayan temple and is presumed dead. The lingering mystery surrounding her disappearance motivates Lara to search for answers. Amanda reveals she is currently in Avalon.
  • Anaya Imanu: Civil engineer working in South America and university friend of Lara's. She was with Lara during the tragedy near Paraíso.
  • Amanda Evert: An old friend and archaeology colleague of Lara's. Her apparent death was witnessed by Lara at Paraíso, but harnessing the power of the "unknown entity" allowed her to survive. Amanda re-appears with a gothic style in the Kazakhstan and the Bolivia Redux missions as an enemy having learnt the purpose of Excalibur and seeks to use it for her own purposes.
Lara ultimately allows Amanda to live after she reveals that Amelia Croft is not dead and was instead transported to Avalon. She is also an unlockable outfit that can be worn during the game.
  • Kent: One of Lara's university peers. He and his team were mysteriously killed during tragedy at Paraíso.
  • James W. Rutland Jr.: The son of a senator and a West Point graduate, Rutland also grew up in a bubble of wealth. His motives, however, are a little more self-centred, and he is romantically linked to Amanda. He fights Lara in Ghana before dying in the final level when Lara uses Excalibur against him.
  • Alister Fletcher: A timid researcher of ancient civilizations who, along with Zip, provides Lara with advice via her headset.
  • Shogo Takamoto: A ruthless Yakuza Kumicho and black market dealer, easily identified by his large number of tattoos. His past encounters with Lara caused him to lose face, so he holds a grudge against her. He appears as the boss in the Tokyo level.
  • Toru Nishimura: One of Lara's friends, once a daring investigative reporter and now a wealthy media mogul. He is glad to offer Lara help when she so needs, but has become more cautious as a result of his newfound responsibilities.

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