Tomb of Meryra - Tomb Layout

Tomb Layout

The tomb was found in relatively good condition compared to the other tombs of Amarna. After the death of Akhenaten, depictions of his rule and religion were destroyed because they were considered to be heretical. In Meryra’s tomb, Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s features have been consistently erased. The desecration is confined to these individuals, and the names and figures of the princesses remain untouched. The tomb consists of four sections: the antechamber, the hall of columns, a second hall, and the shrine. The entrance to the tomb was originally decorated with inscriptions to the Amarna Royal family and the Aten. These decorations have either been destroyed, or are hidden by the modern doors protecting the tomb entrance. The antechamber itself shows Meryre offering prayers to the Akhenaten, and the cartouches of the king, Nefertiti and the Aten. The door jambs are inscribed with funerary prayers for Akhenaten and the Aten. The entrance from the antechamber to the outer hall is decorated with the Short Hymn to the Aten, and shows Meryre's wife Tenre making offerings to the sun-disc.

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