Tomb of Meryra

The Tomb of Meryra is part of a group of tombs located near Amarna, Egypt. Placed in the mountainsides, the tombs are divided into north and south groupings; the northern tombs are located in the hillsides and the southern on the plains. Meryra’s tomb, identified as Amarna Tomb 4 is located in the northern cluster. The tomb is the largest and most elaborate of the noble tombs of Amarna. It, along with the majority of these tombs, was never completed. The rock cut tombs of Amarna were constructed specifically for the officials of King Akhenaten. Norman de Garis Davies originally published details of the Tomb in 1926 in the Rock Tombs of El Amarna, Part I – the Tomb of Meryra. The tomb dates back to the 18th Egyptian Dynasty.

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