Tom Taylor (writer) - Theatrical Works

Theatrical Works

    • Sydney Opera House (Sydney AUS 2006)
    • Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland 2008)
    • The Edge Performing Arts Centre (Aucklund, New Zealand 2010)
    • The Esplanade (Singapore 2006)
    • Brighton Festival Fringe (Brighton England 2006)
    • Brisbane Powerhouse (QLD AUS 2008)
    • Melbourne Arts Centre (Melbourne AUS 2005)
    • Seymour Centre (Sydney AUS 2006)
    • Araluen Arts Centre (Alice Springs N.T. 2008)
    • Darwin Entertainment Centre Darwin Australia 2008
    • Cairns Civic Theatre (QLD Australia 2008)
    • Riverway Arts Centre Thuringowa QLD. 2008
    • Rockhampton Performing Arts Centre QLD AUS 2008
    • Jetty Memorial Theatre (Coffs Harbour NSW 2008)
    • The Little Theatre (Woy Woy NSW. 2008)
    • The Drum Theatre (Dandenong VIC. 2008)
    • Frankston Arts Centre (VIC AUS 2008)
    • Warrnambool Regional Performing Arts Centre (VIC AUS 2008)
    • Canberra Theatre Centre (ACT AUS 2008)
  • DRIP
    • Stratton Players (Boston USA 2007)
    • Newtown Theatre (Sydney AUS 2009)
    • Carlton Courhouse (Melbourne Aus 2008)
    • Bedlam Theatre Company (Perth AUS 2007)
    • Edinburgh Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland 2009)
    • Parade Playhouse National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney, AUS 2010)
    • Melbourne Arts Centre (Melbourne, Australia 2008)
    • Bite Size Theatre (Brighton England 2007)
    • Favourite Shorts (NSW AUS 2007)
    • Newtown Theatre (Sydney AUS 2007)
    • Fairfax Theatre, Melbourne Arts Centre (Melbourne, Australia 2007)
    • Newtown Theatre (Sydney AUS 2007)
    • Chapel Off Chapel (Melbourne, Australia 2009)
  • A4 2 A3 (with Simon Barlow)
    • National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney AUS 2007)

Film in Pre - Production 2009

    • Melbourne Trades Hall Melbourne AUS 2007
    • The BDP Ensemble (Brisbane AUS 2006)
    • Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre (Sydney AUS 2005)
  • THE RATINGS WAR (With Daniel Hall and Simon Barlow)
    • La Mama Theatre Melbourne Comedy Festival Melbourne AUS 2004
  • THREE BAGS FULL (Script coordinator)
    • The Athenaeum Theatre (Melbourne AUS 2004)
  • CANDIDATE (With Daniel Hall, Simon Barlow and Joe Guiton)
    • La Mama Theatre Melbourne Comedy Festival (Melbourne AUS 2003)
  • HARD RUBBISH WEEK (Script coordinator)
    • The Athenaeum Theatre (Melbourne AUS 2003)

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    A Man who always acts in the Severity of Wisdom, or the Haughtiness of Quality, seems to move in a personated Part: It looks too Constrained and Theatrical for a Man to be always in that Character which distinguishes him from others.
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