Tokushima Vortis

Tokushima Vortis (徳島ヴォルティス, Tokushima Vorutisu?) is a Japanese professional football (soccer) club, currently playing in the J. League Division 2. The team is located in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture. Their home stadium is Naruto Athletic Stadium, in Naruto, Tokushima.

The name, "Vortis" was named in 1997 (see below), and it was explained as a combination of Italian "Vortice" (meaning whirlpool, after the famous Naruto whirlpool in Naruto Strait), with the initials of other provinces in Shikoku island, Tosa Province (now Kochi Prefecture), Iyo Province (now Ehime Prefecture), and Sanuki Province (now Kagawa Prefecture). Ehime FC in Matsuyama, Ehime has since joined J.League, however, thereby nullifying Vortis' claim to represent all of Shikoku.

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