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Part-time Work

If the player works at any one location for a long time, she will be offered a full-time position upon graduation.

  • Alucard Coffee Shop
    Close to studio used by Kei Hazuki. He will also visit the coffee shop often. It increases all parameters.
  • Stallion Oil
    This is a gas station and Madoka Kijo's part-time job.
  • Annery Flower Shop
    Although this is Shiho Arisawa's part-time job, it increases popularity and decreases academic ability.
  • Winning Burger
    Although this is Natsumi Fujii's part-time job it increases both academic ability and popularity.
  • Boutique Jess
    Owned by Goro
  • Simone House of Goods
    Owned by Goro
  • Game debugger
    As it's difficult to get rid of all the bugs, stress accumulates quickly while all other parameters fall.

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