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Bionicle character
Gender Male
Color Red
Weapons Rotating Blades, Nynrah Ghost Blaster, Fire Sword
Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding (allows the user to protect them self and other from any known attack, does not protect from ambush)
Allies Toa, Matoran, Turaga, Order of Mata Nui, Mata Nui, Glatorian, Agori
Enemies The Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax, Rahkshi, Skakdi, Skrall
Voiced By Scott McNeil

The Toa of Fire and the leader of the Toa Nuva, Tahu initially demanded fierce loyalty to his command, discarding others' own opinions and ignoring them altogether, plunging them into dangerous tasks. As such, his team merely acknowledged him as a leader, but did not respect them. His aggression after arriving on Mata Nui was easily brought to surface, causing him to almost drive himself to madness with the burdens of his amnesia.

Toa Mata Tahu's weapons included a Kanohi Hau (the Mask of Shielding), and a Fire Sword to channel his Fire element. Like his fellow Toa Mata, he collected five other Kanohi and went to Kini-Nui for a Golden Kanohi, containing the powers of the Kanohi Hau, Akaku (X-Ray Vision), Kaukau (Underwater Breathing), Miru (Levitation), Kakama (Speed), and Pakari (Strength). Tahu's appearance in this form is dominantly red with orange legs and arms.

Toa Nuva Tahu's weapons included a Kanohi Hau Nuva, the Nuva Mask of Shielding. His Fire Sword transformed into two Magma Swords, which served to channel his Fire element or serve as a lava or surfboard. He collected five Kanohi Nuva to store at Ta-Suva, but were lost when Ta-Koro sank after a Rahkshi attack. Tahu Nuva's appearance slightly unchanged from his Toa Mata form, but bared silver shoulder and chest armor.

Once he gained Adaptive Armor, his armor shifted in the Swamp of Secrets, gaining a Nynrah Ghost Blaster, and Rotating Blades which could also serve as a shield.

After arriving on Bara Magna, he was devolved into a crude version of his Toa Mata self by the Ignika in order to wield the Golden Armor. As such, his adaptive weapon has taken the form of his old Fire Sword. Soon after, he was clad in Golden Armor and destroyed all the Kraata controlling the Rahkshi, which interrupted Makuta Teridax's concentration and gave Mata Nui his only chance to defeat the tyrant. After Mata Nui's victory, he helped lead the inhabitants of the reformed Spherus Magna, the original "paradise".

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