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Bionicle character
Gender Male
Color Green
Weapons Axe, Air Katanas, Air Saber and Midak Skyblaster
Kanohi Miru Nuva, Great Mask of Levitation (allows the user to float or glide through the air)
Allies Toa, Matoran, Turaga
Enemies The Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax, Rahkshi, Piraka
Voiced By Dale Wilson

The Toa Nuva of Air, Lewa is at peace with the skies and jungle of Le-Koro, flying upon its thick flora. Passive, Lewa is often eager to face his Toa responsibilities with carelessness, considering the entire ordeal of a fight as an "adventure". Cheery and light-hearted, he has no bounds. After briefly being controlled by both Makuta Teridax (after his Mask was infected by an infected Rahi, then rescued by Onua) and a Bohrok krana, he learned to take his urgent role not lightly, his will renewed to never again underestimate threats. After Teridax took over the universe, Lewa was transported to Tren Krom's island, who switched bodies in order to save their universe. Though their spirits were switched back by Arthaka, he was recently expelled into space along with everyone else in the Core Processor. He is currently on Bota Magna thanks to a dimension-hopping Vezon.

Lewa Nuva is armed with the Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation. As a Toa Mata, he was armed with an Axe, later transformed to Air Katanas. As a Phantoka, he is armed with an Air Saber, and a Midak Skyblaster. Later on the journey of Karda Nui, he discovers the Axalara T9, and pilots it against Antroz in the Jetrax T6.

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