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Fictional History

Toa have been around for most of the Bionicle universe's existence. The first Toa to come into existence was Helryx, a Toa of Water. Though she exhibited most of the traits of a Toa of Water, she had a temper and could be stubborn. Though most Toa were once Matoran, it is known that the Toa Mata and Helryx came into being as Toa. Although Toa are, as a rule, heroes, there are some traitors to the code. Toa Nidhiki betrayed Metru Nui to the Dark Hunters. He was later mutated into an insectoid being who served the Dark Hunters. Another traitorous Toa was Tuyet, a Toa of Water from Lhikan's team. She was corrupted by an artifact from her homeland, the Nui Stone, and wished to use its power to rule the universe. She came close to succeeding, and was narrowly stopped by Toa Nidhiki and Lhikan. She was thought to be banished to the Pit. However, it was recently revealed in the official web serial, Reign of Shadows that she was sent to a pocket dimension, which she eventually escaped. Despite the recent takeover by Makuta Teridax, the main antagonist of the Bionicle saga, the Toa continued to operate, albeit in hiding. After Teridax's defeat at the hands of Mata Nui, the Toa migrated to the newly reformed Spherus Magna along with all the other Matoran Universe residents, who could now speak the Agori language.

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