TLP refers to:

  • TLP (band), reaggea band
  • Tactical Leadership Programme, a military training unit situated in Albacete, Spain.
  • Traded Life Policies, the trading, largely in Britain, of second-hand life assurance.
  • Tanzania Labour Party, a political party in Tanzania
  • Tension leg platform
  • Tistega lepega popoldneva, a Slovenian TV show
  • Thread level parallelism
  • Thermal laser printer
  • Traffic Light Protocol
  • Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, the only book-length work published by Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his lifetime.
  • Transaction Layer Packet in the PCI Express specification
  • Transient lunar phenomenon, rare illumination event on the Lunar surface.
  • Transmission level point, telecommunications signal test point.
  • Transmission line pulse, characterisation of Electro-Static Devices
  • The Translinear Principle, a circuits concept that uses an exponential current-voltage relationship in a circuit element
  • Transaction Log Processor, a server-side program that parses server logs for relevant transactions for recording into a second system
  • Telefones de Lisboa e Porto, a former telecom which its successor is Portugal Telecom.
  • Tastelikepizza, Dutch weblog,

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Transmission-line Pulse
... Transmission-line pulse (TLP) is a way to study integrated circuit technologies and circuit behavior in the current and time domain of electrostatic-discharge (ESD) events ... The TLP measurement technique was first introduced by T ... The TLP technique is based on charging a long, floating cable to a pre-determined voltage, and discharging it into a Device-Under-Test (DUT) ...
Traffic Light Protocol
... The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) was created to encourage greater sharing of sensitive information ... The TLP provides a simple method to achieve this ... The TLP is based on the concept of the originator labeling information with one of four colors to indicate what further dissemination, if any, can be ...
Mars (oil Platform) - Development and Production
... plans to develop Mars utilizing an in-house designed and engineered TLP ... The TLP was installed three years later in May at a water depth of 2,940 feet, making it the deepest TLP at the time as measured from its base on the seabed to the top of its tower ... Ten of the TLP development wells were predrilled beginning in the fourth quarter of 1993 with the remaining wells drilled with a contract rig installed on the TLP ...
Lie Bumps - Cause
... result of transient lingual papillitis (TLP) ... what we commonly call the "taste buds." TLP is a harmless problem ... While the cause of TLP is not known with certainty, most experts feel that local accidental trauma (rubbing, scraping or biting) is a major factor however, contact reactions to ...